Kolmio Earrings

Kolmio Earrings


Kolmio is Finnish for Triangle

The pattern on these pieces is made of lots of different colour triangles of polymer clay joined together or tessellated. The front of the earrings is sanded, buffed and polished to give a shiny finish. Each earring has a slightly different pattern but the colours will be as shown. The earrings are available in 3 different shapes as shown.

The Round earrings are 3cm in diameter and are domed. The Diamond shapes are 3.8cm long by 3cm wide and the Teardrop shape is 3.2cm long by 1.9cm wide. Both the Diamond and Teardrop shape are slightly curved. The back of the earrings are plain coloured and textured as shown.

The earrings have black wire fish hooks.

Matching pendants are available.

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